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Athlete Range - James 'Hunter' Crossley

IF Hunted. To be the best you must dedicate yourself to the pursuit of your goals. You must hunt them down like the predator that you are. Devour them, and move on to the next. This range is dedicated to those who are out there right now, stalking the iron, getting in the reps and sets.

In conjunction with original gladiator James 'Hunter' Crossley, we are super proud of the ever expanding 'Hunted' range.

Our products are designed by people that lift. Designed to last and designed to look good. We are confident you will enjoy them! If you require something that is not available here, please do not hesitate to contact us! All payments are processed through Paypal so you can ensure that your card details are kept secure! All orders have a lead time of 10 working days before dispatch unless specifically stated. 


For advice on sizing, please contact us!

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