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I have been passionate about strength disciplines and training since I became aware of them as a child. Watching Geoff Capes and Jon Pall Sigmarsson at Worlds Strongest Man demonstrated to me that even when competing at the highest levels, athletes can show a great generosity of spirit and inspired me to train and compete myself.


People in strength sports are amongst the friendliest I have met. When at competition, I have experienced a great sense of comaraderie which I have not found in any other sport in which I have particpated. Very few people take themselves too seriously and and most compete with a great sense of humor, encouraging fellow competitors to give their best performances.


This sense of fairness, friendship and humor in a competitive environment is displayed every year at Worlds Strongest Man and watching it is a Christmas ritual in my family.

It's these qualities that have inspired a range of clothing designed to showcase these values.


So what does the IF in IF Strongwear stand for? Simple. It stands for Guts. It stands for giving each session everything you've got. It stands for persisting when others give up. It stands for hours in the gym to accomplish your goals. It stands for:

Please browse our range and let us know what you think. Keep an eye out for #TeamIF on Facebook, YouTube and on Twitter for the latest updates on our brand competitors.


 Best wishes,

                        Rob T


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